Golf Course Marketing Made Easy

Life is always changing. Golf is a social game. A mobile app for your course will be a game changer. It is the most attractive and innovative way to increase revenue.

Awareness of your brand increases profit. You have the power to put that awareness in the palm of your customer’s hand. You will be at their fingertips, at all times.

Push notifications will force your clients to think about you- anytime, anywhere. Social media will get them talking about you.

Demo Course App

Please take a minute to check out our app. You can download our demo course app for free.

Available in the App Store Available in the App Store

App Features

Push Notifications

Keep your golfers informed

Instantly notify your golfers of new deals, upcoming events, and more. With push notifications you can communicate with your customers via their mobile device in a matter of seconds.


Promote your course with deals and incentives.

Post Coupons (text or pictures), Daily Specials, Pro Shop Specials, or other promotions to your app. Save money by offering deals to your customer's without using costly third party services.

Social Network Integration

Increase brand awareness through social media

Using your app, your customers can easily share news updates, deals, and upcoming events with their social networks. With social media, you can increase your awareness exponentially in a matter of seconds.

All Managed By You

Save money by marketing yourself.

Easily update the information in your app through our custom web console. Quickly add promotions or update news as it is available to keep your customers informed.